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Ship inspection

Ships carrying HNS are regularly inspected to ensure that they comply with international maritime safety and environmental protection regulations. This control may be conducted by the Flag State, i.e. the country in which the ship is registered, or by the Port State when the ship is in an foreign port.

In addition to these controls, vetting can generally be organized by charterers*. This involves controls on more operational aspects, such as cargo management or accident prevention.

Inspection of a cargo vessel
Inspection of a cargo vessel
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The Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) is an independent organization, gathering several chemical companies, whose mission is to improve the safety of chemical shipping worldwide.
This structure has created an inspection system specifically designed for vessels carrying HNS. Regular controls are conducted by CDI and inspection can last up to 16 consecutive hours.
For more information on this organization, visit its website at: www.cdi.org.uk

A ship safety inspector

A ship safety inspector gives us the lowdown…

"Being a ship safety inspector is a fascinating job because vessels themselves are of such great interest, so different from tankers to container ships to passenger vessels, not forgetting fishing vessels, dredgers*, cable ships… This gives rise to so many different technologies and vocations for onboard personnel and inspectors.

Inspectors control the vessel itself (SOLAS, MARPOL conventions, etc.) but their inspection can also cover operational procedures and labour regulations. It is important to quickly get a feel for the “atmosphere” onboard and establish relations with all nationalities of seamen, taking into account their culture.

It is therefore a field job with both technical and legal aspects, which requires human qualities to impose safety standards in shipping activities which are subject to strong economic constraints.”

Benoît Rouyer, Vessel Safety Centre for Seine- Maritime West, Interregional Directorate of the Eastern Channel – North Sea, France.

Last update: 07/12/2016